About Us

Hello! Welcome to Simply Lennox.

I am Gina, a wife, and a mom — which is the best job in the world by the way. I’m blessed with the most wonderful husband, Sam, and my one and only toddler, Lennox. My daughter inspires me in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to fashion. Just thinking about what we’ll wear has got the both of us excited and ecstatic.

I love having a little girl, and it makes me feel incredibly happy that I have someone, other than myself, to dress up. From dresses, rompers to cute blouses, shirts, and jeans, I’m always inspired to put together outfits, whether it’s for our simple day dates or special occasions.

It makes it even more exciting because she’s just as stoked as I am. She’s such a trendy kid who enjoys dressing up, twirling every time she puts on the trendiest and comfiest outfits I create for her — before showing off her dazzling smile at the mirror.

So, I created Simply Lennox. I started this creative journey with my passion for fashion and my little girl as my muse.

Why Simply Lennox?

Are you on the lookout for trendy clothing websites that offer not only stylish but also comfy clothing for your children?

At Simply Lennox, you’ll get what you are looking for. Simply Lennox is your trendy kids store. We are an online boutique that specializes in fashionable and stylish kids fashion and accessories. Our main goal is to give you stylish, comfortable, and affordable baby clothes.

We are passionate about giving you the best and easiest experience of shopping online. Also, we aim to please by giving you a pleasant, hassle-free, seamless, and enjoyable shopping experience.

At Simply Lennox, we are tired of dated, low-quality, and overpriced kids’ clothes. We are not your typical baby and kids’ boutique. Instead of offering a wide selection of unoriginal and low-quality products, we cautiously curate only a few but unique fashion pieces that will surely take the fancy of a trendy girl and trendy boy.

Buying online should not only be convenient, but it should also be fun. Thus, our boutique is more focused on giving you items that can get you excited about shopping for unique children’s clothing.

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Our Guarantee

We are a brand you can trust. At Simply Lennox, we care about your little ones. We are confident that your kids and toddlers will love what we have.

Don’t like what you bought? All the products we have are backed up by a standard 30-day money-back guarantee because we aim to give you a risk-free and stress-free shopping experience.

At Simply Lennox, our ultimate goal is to build a loyal customer base that will continue shopping from our store freely, conveniently, and comfortably.