Shopping for Zuru 5 Surprise Balls in Baby Girl Fall Outfits

Simply Lennox Toys Review 

Lennox is a trendy kid who loves playing and reviewing trendy toys and more!

To make learning fun for Lennox, we decided to go shopping for toys. In the store, we put her in the shopping cart seat as we went through the aisles. It was fun for us. I know Lennox enjoyed our short trip, mainly because she wore one of her baby girl fall outfits.

We stayed a few minutes in the aisle where there are different kinds of fish. Lennox loves marine life. She loves to see colorful schools of fish as they swim inside the aquarium. We had a short learning session where Lennox identified the fish colors.

Then, we played with some toy sharks in one aisle. It was fun pretending to be attacked by sharks. Lennox did not find them scary though. She was giggling as we pretended that these marine creatures were eating her.

If you have a little girl, take her to the grocery with you. Let her learn by observing. Ask her to name the colors. You will find surprising how she fast she learns if you take her outside. With Lennox, I discovered that she becomes receptive to learning if we bring her shopping. Of course, the attention span of toddlers is very short. So, plan short trips instead.

Before we head out shopping, I put on the Phoenix jacket on Lennox. She loves this camouflage jacket because she feels comfortable wearing it. The blend of polyester and cotton fabric makes her warm inside the cool grocery. She was so pleased with her clothes, so our shopping trip was a breeze.

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Sometimes, kids get cranky when you take them to the grocery because they are not comfortable with the clothes they wear. So, choose the most comfortable baby girl fall outfits for them. I guarantee you all will have a grand time shopping together.

We both four Zuru 5 Surprise balls in the grocery: two blue balls and two pink balls. I discovered that they are popular among young kids. So, we bought a couple of them for Lennox.

Upon arriving home, I took off her jacket and allowed her to open her Zuru 5 balls. She’s a big girl now. She unwrapped the packaging without my help. Well, I helped a little. I can see how happy she was upon discovering the surprises inside.

Each ball has five segments that contain a surprise. If you buy the pink balls, your kid will get girl-themed surprises. If you buy the blue ones, she will get boy-themed surprises. We got Lennox both balls, so she got both surprises. Our day was fun and enjoyable indeed.

I noticed that raising a young princess can be challenging. It is both a fun and learning experience for the whole family. Lennox does not become irritable whenever we go out on shopping trips because I let her wear comfortable clothes. I always have the Phoenix jacket with us so that I can put it on her whenever she feels cold. This way, she maintains her jolly self, while going through the aisles because she is in one of her comfortable baby girl fall outfits.

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