A Fun Learning Experience in Adorable Baby Girl Clothes

Simply Lennox Toys Review 

Lennox is a trendy kid who loves playing and reviewing trendy toys and more!

Lennox and I are having a “Teach and Learn” time today. So, I decided to let my little daughter learn about colors and shapes through a set of turtle toys I found online. I'm lucky I found these colorful toys because Lennox does not see our lessons as dull when I use vibrant colors. But first, I let her wear one of her favorite adorable baby girl clothes because she wants to be comfortable.

These colorful toy turtles come in bright red, blue, orange, purple, and green. I can make our lesson fun and exciting. Lennox can sort and match the turtles correctly using colors. Red baby turtles go inside red mommy turtles. My daughter finds it easy to match them.

We have our own game with these turtles. Our game is "help baby turtle find her mommy!" So, Lennox has to help these baby turtles. She needs to fit the baby turtle inside momma’s shell. It is a joy to see my daughter’s eyes beam with pride whenever she matches the baby turtle with its mother! Precious!

Also, with these toys, I can teach my kid numbers from one to five. Lennox learns how to count and read numbers because of these turtles. The mother turtle shows countable shapes, while the baby turtle shows the corresponding number. This way, Lennox can assimilate the forms with the names.

Our mom and daughter tandem loves playing with these turtles. Lennox learns how to nest the baby turtle with the mommy shell. You can just imagine how these games can help develop the minds of our young offspring. I also like these toys because I can easily store them when our lessons are over.

Plus, our learning sessions are a perfect bonding time. We enjoy each other’s company as I teach Lennox. She finds learning enjoyable nowadays. Of course, I want her to be comfortable as she learns. You see, she cannot focus if she feels hot or if her skin itches because of what she is wearing.

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So, I put on the Delilah dress on her for our study time. Lennox loves the feel of the cotton fabric on her baby skin. She does not feel itchy or hot. My daughter is very comfortable wearing it, so she’s focused on the task that involves matching the baby turtle with the momma turtle. She can concentrate on our lesson because the dress does not constrict her movements as well. She loves to learn if she’s comfortable.

The Delilah dress is perfect for casual days. Its cotton fabric makes the skin breathe, so it is super comfortable for your little one. You can choose between the blue and the white one. What’s more to like in this dress? It has a floral design.

Little girls love anything with flowers. They find it pleasing to their eyes. I know. Lennox loves her floral dress. She wants to wear it every time! It is one of her favorite dresses.

You can also make learning fun with your lovely daughter. Get these turtles to teach her how to count and match colors. Teach her that babies match with their moms. While you’re at it, don’t forget to put on one of the adorable baby girl clothes on your precious little one.

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