Lets see... I turned 29!  It's my last year to be absolutely reckless and blame is on my 20s (LOL I plan on taking full advantage).

Though I am a year older, I still don't know everything about life, but I do know a little bit more about myself.   This blog is a little different from other posts.  I've decided to open up and talk about my insecurities and my thoughts on getting older.  Although, my trendy tot will be mentioned.

Here's what she wore to my birthday dinner.  The Emily Set from our boutique is so comfortable and I love the color.  We matched of course.  My favorite thing about clothing sets?  It's the easiest outfit ever!  It was kind of a struggle to get her to wear this outfit, she's been into dresses lately.  It took some persuading from daddy, but she wore it. LOL

As much as I want to have a mental breakdown sometimes, I keep it together for her. 

So, the beginning of last year wasn't so great.  I was going through a lot with work and family and I honestly didn't think I would survive.  Sam and I always talked about moving to Florida but never knew when was a good time.  It was pretty drastic to just up and leave but it was the best decision we made as a family.  Now, I am a firm believer of if you don't like something about your life- work hard and change it.  Don't wait around and complain what should have, could have been.  Make the moves that make you happy.

Since starting a new career, and basically starting my life over in Florida I've felt a little overwhelmed.   I guess I pictured my life to be a little different when I turned 29.  I thought I would be traveling with a content business where I could work from almost anywhere by now.  That is still the dream but it's getting off to a slow start and I'm okay with it.  Getting older made me have moments of self doubt.   I question myself a lot now 'what am I doing here?', or 'am I going to be okay?', 'is all this worth it?'.   Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I've been through worse in my life and you just have to push through. I tell myself to be patient, keep working hard and better myself.  Everything will fall into place. 

I've been surrounding myself with wonderful, positive people.  I have an amazing support system and I can't/won't let them down.  I will continue to strive towards my goals while staying happy and humble.   


So, note to self- don't be so hard on yourself.  You have time, learn, grow and have fun along the way.  There is no right timeline you have to follow.  Be passionate and cut yourself some slack.  You'll be alright.  




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