“Hakuna Matata… it means no worries for the rest of your days!”

We went on a family trip to go see The Lion King Broadway yesterday, and let me tell you.. Lennox absolutely loved it! The last time I went to go see the show, I was pregnant with her in my belly, and I knew that she would enjoy it just as much as I did. This was given to us by Sam as a Christmas gift, and we decided, why not spend Valentine's early and make a day out of it with my loved ones, talk about killing two birds with one stone right?

Below is Lennox in a beautiful dark green dress aunty bought for her from Old Navy, paired with a leather jacket from our clothing line! Look at her… how can you not love her?!

At the start of the day, Sam took us out to eat at the Metro Diner for brunch, and it was DELICIOUS.. Lennox had her favorite pancakes, while Sam and I shared the famous chicken and waffles as well as a side of a breakfast pizza ( eating makes us oh so happy LOL).

Meanwhile, there was still some time to kill before the show started, so we went down to the Town Center. We allowed Lennox to pick out a toy as her birthday is less than a month away, so why not? Lol

I’m sure you know that it isn’t hard at all to spoil your little ones when they’ve been so good! We all have those certain times when we have to be firm and say no, but when you fall into their little traps of their pouty faces, and sweet “ please?”, let’s face it.. When you celebrate a day as special as today, everything goes ( Plus we’ll make it up later lol). Coming out of the Disney Store are her favorite Disney  characters from Frozen, Anna & Elsa.


Finally it was time for the show… Seeing Lennox jump out of her seat to get a closer look at the animals she recognized from the movie, made me so emotional.  The way her face lights up when she saw familiar characters, hearing her giggle at her favorite scenes, or even a shocked look on her face during the sad scenes… How does someone so little understand so much?

Our little family adventure today surprised me in such a great way. I imagined Lennox to ask several times to use the restroom, asking to get snacks, or even crying because she was uncomfortable or bored. Turns out, I was wrong! It couldn't get any better than having her enjoy every single moment of it. But.. if they DO act up, ALWAYS have an escape route for the next event LOL, although never stop trying because every little moment counts with your little one..


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