There's something that feels so all-American about a county fair.  This was my first time at Clay County Fair, or any fair actually.  They had live country music, lots of different food venues, and tons of rides for the little ones.  It was a cloudy, but breezy day.  Lennox had on a white tee and jean skirt from H&M.  I wrapped her fed flannel around her waste just in case it got cold.  You could never tell with Florida's bipolar weather. 

Lennox and daddy got the bracelets for unlimited rides ($18) which was so worth it because they went on every kiddie ride twice.  She is so brave now!  My independent, little lady loves to have fun.  I have some videos of her cracking up hysterically on some of the rides.  There's honestly no better feeling than seeing your child enjoy themselves.  Also a plus that we went on a Tuesday so there were no lines.  I didn't want to spend too much money on the games because Lennox has enough toys at home and I just wanted her to enjoy the rides.  But hubby caved and let her play one game.  Lennox and her cousin ended up winning and for some strange reason we allowed them to get toy trumpets (biggest mistake of our lives).

I was brave enough to go on one dinosaur ride with Lennox.  Let me add that it didn't move at all, and all it did was roar and move its' head LOL.  I think it's old age but I really don't care for thrill rides anymore.  I actually quiver with fear a little just walking by some of them LOL.  I came for the food, obviously.  My favorite were these amazing, giant donuts.  They were hot right from the fryer and dripping with the most perfect glaze.  Peachey's Baking Co, I'm coming for you and your delicious donuts!

Aside from the super annoying trumpets on the ride, the fair was a success.  We all had a blast!  Not to mention it down poured on us for about 15 minutes.  That didn't stop us from having a great time with the kids.  We huddled under umbrellas and ran under tents for cover (it was kind of funny).  A little rain ain't gonna hurt nobody!  Brush off the little things and enjoy yourself where ever you are.  I am so glad we waited out the rain and stayed.  It was perfect, the weather cooled down a bit so it was perfectly enjoyable.  Your experience is what you make of it.  

It's up to you to find the beauty in the ugliest days... 

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