"This is our city.  And nobody is going to dictate our freedom.  Stay Strong"-David Ortiz

Boston just might be one of my favorite places in the entire world.  One, I was born there. Second, there's always so much to do.  The city is alive with beautiful, diverse people, delicious food, and home to all my favorite sports teams.  We visited Faneuil Hall Marketplace where Lennox and I ate a little too much.  It was honestly really hard to choose.  We wanted to eat everything!  

We walked off our subs, fries, pasta, and ice cream (we kind of did eat everything) at Boston Harbor, and let me tell you, I can't put into words how gorgeous the view was.


It was a sunny day but a little breezy because we were by the water.  Lennox wore a black ensemble paired with a fur vest.  I finished it off with pink Adidas sneakers and she was getting compliments from everyone LOL!  My girl was comfortable and warm, and she was loving it!  She was way too cool for us.  After chasing her for pictures, and stopping her from trying to jump in the water (yes, she wanted to jump), she had enough and played with my phone.  Must be nice, kid.

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