October... Man, do I love October.  It's the start of my favorite time of year.  There were so many festivities this month.  I've never attended so many events in one month before.  From weddings, to birthdays, to halloween parties.  Every occasion was a blast!  

Lucky Lennox had three Halloween costumes this year.  Don't worry, I'm a true believer in affordable DIY costumes.  Nothing against store bought costumes.  I just don't see the point on paying over $20 on something Lennox would wear once and most of the time the halloween costumes are poor quality.  I had most of the supplies at home and Lennox loved every single one of them! 

Our first Halloween event was at The Disney Store in St. Johns Towncenter.  They had the cutest princess dress rehearsal.  Lennox was Snow White.  And she was working it!  My once very shy girl, was going up to people and letting them know she was "Snow White".  Of course mama had to put a modern twist on it.  Simple and clean.


Our second event was to a Halloween themed birthday party.  Lennox was Bride of Chucky.  She has never seen the movie but hey, we had the stuff in her closet.  She was excited about putting lipstick on LOL. 


And lastly, Halloween.  I love family costumes!  We used to live in Boston where every Halloween was freezing.  I don't know about you, but I am the type of mom who hates ruining costumes with a sweater or jacket that doesn't match.  I always work our costumes around the weather.  This year, I decided to dress us up as Betty Rizzo, Danny, and Sandy from Grease.  Lennox has never seen this movie either LOL.  Again, this was for my amusement!  I threw on her leather jacket because the temperature really dropped  and worked her natural curls.  She was comfortable and warm.  Lennox had so much fun and even told people who asked that she was "Sandy" with complete confidence (proud mom moment).  


This is all for her.  Seeing her so happy and excited really makes everything worth it.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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